Friday, June 3, 2011

Dressing Up: Another Reason to Be Rather Fond of the Episcopal Church (Apr 2009)

Just as humans have DNA so do churches.

Episcopalians inherit much of theirs from a proper British upbringing, which leans toward the formal and can be seen in places like: the polite distance we give visitors, our hesitancy to talk about money, our aversion to any kind of evangelism that would make people feel uncomfortable, the particular gusto with which we sing hymns, and our particular proclivity to stick around until worship services are officially over.

Dressing up is a part of our DNA, and it's not simply done to show people who we are, but to remind us of who God is.  Sure, some people think dressing up is stubborn sentimentalism or mindless traditionalism (for some, it is), but many of us like to think that our worship commands an elevated sense of respect and honor.  Sure we're meeting our close friends and family on Sunday mornings, but we're also meeting the Lord.  And this has caused some people to take off their shoes, some people to go blind, and even motivated a donkey to talk (Numbers 22:28).  So, yes, we're getting off easy with a suit jacket and tie.

So next time you get ready for church on Sunday, know that what you say with your clothes is an act of prayer and an offering of thanksgiving in itself.  What do you wear to church and why?  Stop by the Discussion Board and fill us in!

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