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Written Prayers Are Good: Another Reason to be Rather Fond of the Episcopal Church (Mar 2009)

March 2009 (1,000 members, 270 Words)
Written Prayers Are Good
Ever notice when Jesus was asked how people should pray he didn't tell them they should make it up as they go along - rather he taught them a well thought out, theologically rich petition that has become the most popular prayer in the world - the Our Father.

Worship in Jesus day, was a highly structured affair, with written prayers for every occasion (yes, the rabbis even have one for relieving one's self...), and it's because written prayers offer some terrific benefits.  First, they make it easier for us all to agree - and offer a common prayer.  They also add to the unity of the historic Church as we unite with saints of all ages when we pray some of our prayers (called Collects) that are centuries old.  Finally, it helps us put our thoughts to words accurately and eloquently (and if this wasn't something important Hallmark would be out of business).

So what's your favorite Collect?  One of mine is one I learned while presiding, of all things, over a Blessing of the Hunt, I have posted it on our group page, check it out.  Also, you're invited to take a moment and post your favorite Collect on the site, and perhaps more importantly, take a moment right now, is there someone you know who needs prayer today?  Could you give them a Collect that might show them you, and God cares? 


Hot off the presses, check out Fr. Matthew Moretz's videos on YouTube (if you haven't already, just search under "Fr. Matthew Presents") and his brand new DVD, which you can check out at:

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